Call information:

Call identifier: 5ginfire-2 ‑ 2nd 5GINFIRE Open Call “Innovative experiments”

Submission deadline: 18 December 2018 at 17:00 Brussels local time

5Gin FIRE Open Call

Mandatory feasibility check deadline:    5 December 2018 at 17:00 Brussels local time


Call objectives:

The main technical objective of 5GinFIRE is to build and operate an open and extensible 5G NFV-based reference (Open5G-NFV) ecosystem of experimental facilities that not only integrates existing FIRE facilities with new vertical-specific ones, but also lays down the foundations for instantiating fully softwarized architectures of vertical industries and experimenting with them. The initial instantiation of the Open5G-NFV ecosystem was targeted to the automotive vertical industry requirements, addressed across state-of-the-art 5G infrastructures. However, it is as generic as possible in order to host other verticals applications.

In alignment with the overall project objectives 5GINFIRE is organising a competitive open call targeting external organisations, including industry, SMEs, research institutions, and academia, interested in performing experiments on the top of the infrastructure provided by 5GinFIRE. This 5GinFIRE open call invites experimenters to use the 5GINFIRE experimental facilities, taking advantage of the provided testbed features such as SDN, NFV and VxFs to test vertical applications.

Available funding:

  • Maximum of 75,000€ funding per accepted proposal
  • Total of 450,000€ is available for this Open Call
  • At least three experiments from SMEs will be accepted in this call (if ranked above threshold)

Further remarks:

  • All proposers must contact the 5GINFIRE consortium and elaborate their intentions in order to verify the feasibility of the proposals to be implemented in the scope of the 5GINFIRE project and to receive a first feedback on in the proposal planned activities.
    • To perform the feasibility check, up to one page description of planned experiment has to be sent to In the e-mail subject line or first line of the be-mail text, the short name of the proposal and 5GINFIRE facilities planned to be used in the experiment have to be mentioned
    • Proposers that have participated in previous calls must inform of their intention to resubmit as well as whether and to what extend the new proposal has been improved/modified.
  • Proposals will only be accepted from a single party eligible for participation in EC H2020-projects.
  • Proposers’ organizations can submit multiple proposals, but only one proposal per single organization might be selected for funding in this Open Call.
  • The following organisations are not eligible to participate in the open call, and any proposal received by these organisations will not be admitted to the evaluation process:
    • Beneficiaries of 5GINFIRE
    • Third parties in 5GINFIRE receiving financial support for providing additional infrastructures (1st open call – phase I and phase II)
    • Third parties in 5GINFIRE receiving financial support for functionalities (1st open call – phase II, category 2-a
    • Third parties in 5GINFIRE receiving financial support for experimentation (1st open call – phase II, category 1
    • In doubt please contact the project via an email to
  • The proposal has to be submitted in English language through the 5GINFIRE submission tool by using specific proposal template (mandatory). Access to the submission toll and proposal templates is available on the 5GINFIRE website


The contact e-mail address is archived.