SliceNet recently participated in a three day workshop organised by the 5G PPP Technology Board with a focus on 5G performance KPIs. The organisation was supported by project 5GCAR and Ericsson Research, who hosted the workshop at its headquarters in Kista, Sweden on 20 – 22 November 2018. Magnus Frodigh, acting head of Ericsson Research, opened the workshop with an inspiring presentation of Ericsson’s current and future view on 5G.

SliceNet – represented at the workshop by Anastasius Gavras – actively participated, among others by presenting its general approach to performance KPIs, including an overview of the architecture and where possible monitoring probes could be used to measure the system performance and deliver the Quality of Experience  for vertical applications.

Anastasius Gavras, deputy co-ordinator of SliceNet, is current chair of the 5G PPP TB ad hoc working group on performance KPIs. He introduced the work of the group and led a very interesting discussion that was triggered by each project’s individual approach to KPIs. The workshop was very useful, as it concluded with an agreed approach and structure on how to capture the projects’ KPIs and how to globally relate them to the KPIs of the 5G PPP initiative.

The Working Group on performance KPIs will make a significant contribution to the annual Programme Monitoring Report (PMR), adding quantifiable metrics to the 5G PPP contractual performance KPIs.

5G PPP Technology Board workshop on performance KPIs