For the smart city initiative and continuous project, Orange proposes an open data strategy and architecture that give access to further development of new applications that can aggregate information from the city itself. The architecture is constructed on three levels: data collection layer, middleware layer and application layer. The data collection layer will provide connectivity for all sensors and raw data that will be generated from the smart city solutions. This data will be send to the middleware platform to be stored, processed and secured. In this middleware, authorities can provide other open information that is not accessible through sensors. After that, using open APIs, any third party can access the data and propose new ways of combining information. Orange is implementing an IoT network, which will cover Alba Iulia with accent on the most important parts of the city and the targeted smart city applications. Based on this network, there can be implemented different types of services such as smart parking/transportation, intelligent lighting, water metering, waste management, environmental monitoring. Orange chooses two of these in order to implement them in Alba Iulia. The first one is Intelligent Public Lighting system. This system will enable the control of every single pole and the monitoring of the current consumption. The system will give authorities the ability to turn the lights on and off remotely but also to dim them according to a schedule. This system combined with changing the street lights with LED lights can lead to a reduction of energy cost up to 77%, and a return of investment in four years. For Alba Iulia, there will be installed in the next period of time at least 100 controllers on the main roads of the city. This will help the authorities understand the benefits of the solutions and compare the consumption between current implementation and the smart lighting solution. The second one is a water metering. This enables the water provider to remotely read the indexes from the water meters and to be alerted in case of water leakage, reverse flow, empty pipe or magnetic tampering. This solution helps the water provider to localize more easily any problem that can appear, leading to a shorter time of resolution and fewer wasted money. For Alba Iulia, Orange is discussing with the water provider in order to start this Proof of Concept as part of the Smart City initiative. It will be extremely relevant to seamlessly map and evolve this network and applications towards 5G SliceNet based architecture assessing the various technical and operational KPIs against the initial status quo. Orange plans to develop a demonstrator for the 5G Smart City use case in the SliceNet project.