There are three use cases of particular interest to the SliceNet project as described here:


  • 5G Smart Grid Self-Healing Use Case

This SliceNet use case focuses on Smart Grid Self-Healing, proposed by EFACEC (EFA), a company of the EFACEC Power Solutions Group,the largest Portuguese group in the electromechanical area. The automation in distribution with self-healing solutions is surely a critical challenge to consider in this transformational evolution towards Smart/Smarter Grid. Self-healing will enable system operators to benefit from a significant reduction in the outage duration, number of affected customers as well as in the number of switching manoeuvres required during network reconfiguration procedure involved in Fault Detection Isolation and service Restoration (FDIR).



  • 5G e-Health connected Ambulance Use Case

The 5G e-Health Connected Ambulance use case, proposed by Cork Institute of Technology and DellEMC in Ireland will advance the emergency ambulance services be demonstrating new collaborative models with their healthcare stakeholders to help create improved experiences and out-comes for patients in their care.



  • 5G Smart City Use Case

For the smart city initiative and continuous project, Orange proposes an open data strategy and architecture that give access to further development of new applications that can aggregate information from the city itself. The architecture is constructed on three levels: data collection layer, middleware layer and application layer.