This “Cloud-Native and Verticals’ services” white paper, from the 5G-PPP Software Network Working Group, of which SliceNet is a contributor, analyzes how 5G-PPP projects interpret Cloud-Native design patterns and identify adoption barriers. “Cloud-Native” is the name of an approach to designing, building and running applications/virtual functions fully exploiting the cloud delivery model. Cloud-Native is relatively new in comparison to other approaches and there are some barriers to its adaptation in the telecommunications industry, which are explored in the white paper.

This white paper was prepared as a follow-up to the 2018 white paper “From Webscale to Telco, the Cloud Native Journey”, demonstrating that a transformation to Cloud-native, also requires a “mindset shift” from telecommunications companies.

The “Cloud-Native and Verticals’ services” paper explores to what extent Cloud-Native technologies are being used, based on the experience and feedback of 5G-PPP projects, many of which have contributors from vertical industries and organisations. See the full white paper here.

5GPPP publishes follow-up “Cloud-Native and Verticals’ services” white paper