Figure 1: High-level schematic of LL-MEC platform

SliceNet has recently completed the design and prototyping of a Mobile/Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) system as part of the SliceNet end-to-end slicing-friendly infrastructure. The design and prototyping ensures that the SliceNet MEC system is aligned with the ETSI MEC architecture and offers enablers for network slicing with Quality of Service (QoS) support. SliceNet MEC system comprises a low-latency MEC platform (see Figure below), and multi-tenanted infrastructure with a programmable Data Plane, together with Management Plane functionality support taken into account. Potential MEC applications such as RAN-aware video optimisation, mobile network slicing, IoT etc. have been explored to highlight the potential of practical use cases of the SliceNet MEC system.

SliceNet Mobile/Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)

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