Software-networking based architecture approach with NFV (Network Function Virtualisation) and SDN (Software-Defined Networking) as cornerstones are essential in achieving the 5G vision and delivery of next generation capabilities. In particular, intelligent network slicing has emerged as a remarkable paradigm shift from 4G to NFV/SDN-enabled 5G.

Towards implementation and deployment of 5G infrastructures three gaps have to be filled.

  • End-to-end (E2E) slicing has been identified as a high-priority technical gap to tackle for E2E application quality. To date reported prototypes do not implement slicing across administrative domains and are far from realising large-scale operation.
  • Vertical industry related studies yield a very strong interest of the verticals stakeholders to form partnerships with 5G ICT industry stakeholders in achieving the fully connected society vision of 5G. To date little attention has been given to facilitate easy and flexible vertical business integration.
  • The Quality of Experience (QoE) of users of 5G network slices has to be addressed without over-provisioning of QoS – which is mostly the current practice – especially because this practice would defeat the objective of lower CAPEX/OPEX for the new 5G infrastructure.
  • Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) slice-based enablers, offering ultra-low latency, are widely suggested as critical to support innovative next generation vertical services.

The background to this workshop will be the various global 5G initiatives and the work initiated by the major international standards developing organisations (SDOs) and industry alliances such as 3GPP and the NGMN (Next-Generation Mobile Networks) Alliance to specify and standardise the 5G generation of mobile and telecommunication network infrastructures.

This workshop calls for original papers on research outcomes and results towards filling the above gaps and towards achieving zero-touch network management in 5G network slice environments. In particular, papers are solicited that cover the areas:

  • Integrated cognitive network management for intelligent 5G network slicing
  • Cognitive QoE management of slices for service assurance
  • Intelligent slice intent modelling and translation mechanisms
  • MEC slice-based enablers for low-latency services
  • Provisioning and control of customer-defined network slices
  • Northbound slice management interfaces towards vertical application orchestration mechanisms
  • Vertical service prototyping and field studies
  • 5G Vertical Business Modelling
  • Global Operators Case Studies

Important Dates:

Deadline for workshop paper submission:       20 January 2020
Paper acceptance/rejection announcement:   20 February 2020
Final camera-ready workshop papers due:      1 March 2020

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Submissions accepted through this EDAS link:

Call for Papers – IEEE ICC 2020 Workshop on Intelligent 5G Network Slicing