Mark Roddy (Senior Researcher with CIT) presents 5G PPP Trials & Pilots brochure to Martin Dunne (Director NAS)

On 8th October, Mark Roddy, a senior researcher from SliceNet partner Cork Institute of Technology, met Martin Dunne, the Director of the Irish National Ambulance Service. They discussed CIT’s innovative research for the delivery of life-saving telemedicine services over an experimental 5G in-ambulance communication system. The telemedicine trial is part of the use cases explored in the SliceNet project.

At their meeting, Mark presented Martin with a recently published brochure from the EU’s 5G PPP that showcases CIT’s innovative in-ambulance TeleStroke Assessment service, currently under trial at DellEMC’s experimental 5G testbed in Ovens, Cork.

Further information:
5G PPP Trials & Pilots brochure for download (pdf)

CIT discusses 5G telemedicine use case with Irish National Ambulance Service