Intra-Domain Performance Management Component Design (T6.2-FCAPS)

As a participant of the SliceNet project, Creative Systems Engineering (CSE) has completed the design and the definition of the workflows for the performance management component, as part of Task 6.2.

These workflows are based on enabling tools developed in Phase I project SELFNET. CSE has been active in application abstraction in SELFNET as well as in automation and monitoring/actuation loops. This work will be aligned with the concept of intra-domain management for SliceNet and the automation required therein. Open source tools like InfluxDB, Telegraph and Kapacitor have been evaluated for the task. The plan is to use these under the control of the Rule Engine and Application Management components for automating management loops, based on catalogued information. The open points and additional adaptations have been identified and the concept will be consolidated and implemented in the coming months. Existing information models will be streamlined and the plan is to export a North Bound Interface (NBI) towards cognition and optimization components for allowing the enforcement of related decisions.

Intra-Domain Performance Management Component Design