The SliceNet Project Team

SLICENET is a project of the second phase of the 5G infrastructure PPP, which is part of the European Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation. It focuses on management of network slicing by use of cognitive techniques and artificial intelligence, because the expected complexity of future 5G networks requires a significant leap on how network management is approached.
Network slicing is considered as one of the most important innovations in future 5G networks due to its role in maximizing network resource sharing, optimizing flexibility to meet diverse requirements and responding to vertical business needs for configurable Quality of Service and Quality of Experience.
SLICENET is setting up a framework to address the challenges in managing, controlling and orchestrating new services on 5G network infrastructures in order to maximize the sharing of network resources across multiple operator domains and achieving true end-to-end slicing for meeting the vertical requirements.
SLICENET was initiated because the infrastructure providers want to optimise the utilization of the infrastructure resources and at the same time they want to offer richer services to the costumers. On the other hand the vertical customers are demanding a much higher flexibility in controlling the network services they receive. Delivering on these challenges will open new markets and enable a wide range of demanding, diverse and innovative use cases.