CIT discusses 5G telemedicine use case with Irish National Ambulance Service

Mark Roddy (Senior Researcher with CIT) presents 5G PPP Trials & Pilots brochure to Martin Dunne (Director NAS)

On 8th October, Mark Roddy, a senior researcher from SliceNet partner Cork Institute of Technology, met Martin Dunne, the Director of the Irish National Ambulance Service. They discussed CIT’s innovative research for the delivery of life-saving telemedicine services over an experimental 5G in-ambulance communication system. The telemedicine trial is part of the use cases explored in the SliceNet project.

At their meeting, Mark presented Martin with a recently published brochure from the EU’s 5G PPP that showcases CIT’s innovative in-ambulance TeleStroke Assessment service, currently under trial at DellEMC’s experimental 5G testbed in Ovens, Cork.

Further information:
5G PPP Trials & Pilots brochure for download (pdf)

SliceNet control plane presented at Netsoft 2019

Luca Baldini from Ericsson presenting the paper.

SliceNet contributed a peer-reviewed paper to a workshop at Netsoft 2019. This year’s “IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization” took place in Paris. At the “2nd Workshop on Advances in Slicing for Softwarized Infrastructures” on 28 June 2019, Luca Baldini from Ericsson presented a paper on the SliceNet control plane.

In his presentation Luca Baldini explained SliceNet’s innovative control plane concepts. These concepts include plug-and-play slice control, slice QoE optimization, and SDN-segment control. The audience of international experts showed high interest and asked several questions. The ensuing discussion focused on network slicing control and the interaction with vertical business domains. The expert audience particularly recognized SliceNet’s plug-and-play slice control as a key innovation in the network domain.

Further information is available on the S4SI 2019 workshop page

5GPPP publishes follow-up “Cloud-Native and Verticals’ services” white paper

This “Cloud-Native and Verticals’ services” white paper, from the 5G-PPP Software Network Working Group, of which SliceNet is a contributor, analyzes how 5G-PPP projects interpret Cloud-Native design patterns and identify adoption barriers. “Cloud-Native” is the name of an approach to designing, building and running applications/virtual functions fully exploiting the cloud delivery model. Cloud-Native is relatively new in comparison to other approaches and there are some barriers to its adaptation in the telecommunications industry, which are explored in the white paper. (more…)

Verticals Cartography Showcase

SliceNet are delighted to announce that our three use cases on Smart City, Smart Grid and eHealth are included in the recently published 5G PPP showcase called Verticals Cartography. The 5G Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) is developing new applications across a diverse set of verticals spanning proofs of concept, prototypes, demonstrations, trials, and pilots in order to validate the functionalities defined for 5G by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Vertical applications could produce up to 10.7 trillion euros worth of goods and services enabled by 5G mobile technology. Have a browse through the vertical applications here.