IEEE ICC 2020 Workshop on Intelligent 5G Network Slicing – Co-organized by SliceNet & 5G-VINNI

The IEEE ICC 2020 workshop on Intelligent 5G Network Slicing has been organized by SliceNet and 5G-VINNI to present the latest advances in network slicing, and results on experimentation and trials in the verticals.

The workshop will take place virtually, on the 11th June 2020, from 9.00 to 12.30 CEST.

Visit the workshop website here:

Or the event webpage here:

Registration to IEEE ICC 2020 workshops is 40 euro for non-authors and 20 euro for students, via the ICC website:


SliceNet 5G Webinar on 5G Integrated Multi-Domain Slicing Friendly Infrastructure

Our final SliceNet webinar is on Tuesday 19th May at 11am CET on the topic 5G Integrated Multi-Domain Slicing Friendly Infrastructure, as presented by Navid Nikaein, Professor in Communication System Department at Eurecom. The presentation will describe the design and prototyping of 5G integrated multi-domain SliceNet infrastructure based on opensource software platforms. (more…)

SliceNet 5G Webinar on Cross-Plane Orchestration and Use Cases Prototyping

The next SliceNet webinar is on Tuesday 21st April at 11am CET on System Architecture, presented by José Cabaça, Networks Systems Architecture, Technology and Innovation Strategy, Altice Labs. The webinar will focus on SliceNet architecture and respective functional blocks focusing on the NSP and DSP orchestration sub-planes as well as prototyping of use cases in different vertical sectors applications. (more…)