SliceNet activities and discussions at EuCNC2018

Last week during the EuCNC2018 conference in Ljubljana, SliceNet were involved in a number of activities, including the SliceNet exhibition stand, complete with demonstration, four workshops, a panel discussion and two poster sessions. Two videos were also released introducing SliceNet and slicing. The exhibition stand included a demonstration of “RAN Runtime Slicing System” using a RAN and CN prototype with a novel plug and play network application to show multi-service programmability on a per slice basis. Read More

It seems we can’t trust the CE Certification on our gifts

It has come to our attention that both the SelfNet Travelset (battery, AC adaptor and Car adaptor) and the SliceNet wireless charger, despite having European Regulatory Compliance Marks, are not of good “European” quality and do present a risk of overheating when used.

If you have received one of these items through the projects or at our EUCNC exhibition booth, please do not use it. We ask you to disable the device so nobody can ever use it and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation on this.

The SliceNet team are coming to EuCNC2018

The SliceNet team are coming to EuCNC2018 in force! We have a number of activities and contributions from the project at this year’s EuCNC2018 and hope that you will come and join us. We have a booth where we will demonstrate the RAN Runtime Slicing System necessary to show the programmability of multi-service per slice. We have several workshops on 5G slicing, cloud, security, network management, poster sessions and much more. Have a look at the list of activities and come and talk to us!  See full details here

Verticals in the Loop: a Plug & Play approach to customise services and slices

Plug & Play represents a key innovation within the whole of the SliceNet platform, being the main enabler for end-to-end slice customization. SliceNet aims at providing truly customized runtime control, management and operation of end-to-end slice instances while offering vertical-tailored services. The SliceNet Plug & Play control framework is one of the key enablers of slice customization, as it offers a novel combination of tailored control functions, APIs and tools. These are offered to verticals to let them plug their own control logics and customise their slice instances according to their specific needs.

The SliceNet Plug & Play provides an innovative control environment, dedicated per slice. For vertical consumers, and in general, for slice consumers, this means a significantly enhanced degree of flexibility for deploying services to the end users. It exposes a direct control of slice instances and provides a new flavour of customization, at two main levels:

  1. it enables slice providers to activate all those specific per-slice SDN and NFV control functions needed to accommodate vertical requirements, in terms of network function composition, as well as performance and QoE; and
  2. it allows verticals to further control their slices and services by plugging their own customized functions, enabling the deployment of specific 5G services in a truly customisable, dynamic and scalable way.

Nextworks is leading the SliceNet efforts towards the design and software development of the Plug & Play framework, which is planned to be delivered in Q4 2018.