The SliceNet team are coming to EuCNC2018

The SliceNet team are coming to EuCNC2018 in force! We have a number of activities and contributions from the project at this year’s EuCNC2018 and hope that you will come and join us. We have a booth where we will demonstrate the RAN Runtime Slicing System necessary to show the programmability of multi-service per slice. We have several workshops on 5G slicing, cloud, security, network management, poster sessions and much more. Have a look at the list of activities and come and talk to us!  See full details here

Verticals in the Loop: a Plug & Play approach to customise services and slices

Plug & Play represents a key innovation within the whole of the SliceNet platform, being the main enabler for end-to-end slice customization. SliceNet aims at providing truly customized runtime control, management and operation of end-to-end slice instances while offering vertical-tailored services. The SliceNet Plug & Play control framework is one of the key enablers of slice customization, as it offers a novel combination of tailored control functions, APIs and tools. These are offered to verticals to let them plug their own control logics and customise their slice instances according to their specific needs.

The SliceNet Plug & Play provides an innovative control environment, dedicated per slice. For vertical consumers, and in general, for slice consumers, this means a significantly enhanced degree of flexibility for deploying services to the end users. It exposes a direct control of slice instances and provides a new flavour of customization, at two main levels:

  1. it enables slice providers to activate all those specific per-slice SDN and NFV control functions needed to accommodate vertical requirements, in terms of network function composition, as well as performance and QoE; and
  2. it allows verticals to further control their slices and services by plugging their own customized functions, enabling the deployment of specific 5G services in a truly customisable, dynamic and scalable way.

Nextworks is leading the SliceNet efforts towards the design and software development of the Plug & Play framework, which is planned to be delivered in Q4 2018.

SliceNet partner CIT will present at the SMART Health Conference at W5 on 17 May 2018

Senior Cork IT researcher, Mark Roddy, is guest speaker at the inaugural Smart Health conference being held at the W5 Arena in Belfast this coming Thursday the 17th.Mark will present his current research, looking at next generation tele-medicine for emergency ambulance services over 5G cellular networks. This research is part of an EU funded H2020 project, that is developing a number of network slicing prototypes for three vertical sectors – Smart City, eHealth and Smart Grid. 

Mark heads up the eHealth vertical use case and he will talk about “How next generation 5G cellular networks are likely to impact the delivery of pre-hospital Emergency Services.” The fifteen partner SliceNet project started in June 2017 and has an EU contribution budget of €8 million over three years.

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Smart Grid Self-Healing Use Case – Hands On with SliceNet

The deployment of the Smart Grid self-healing scenario in the Altice/Efacec testbed has already started, which will allow us to exercise the main concepts of SliceNet. Primarily, SliceNet wants to address the creation of an End-to-End network slice for the energy vertical in a multi domain network architecture.

In this scenario the Digital Service Provider (DSP) will provide the vertical with an End-to-End slice with specific vertical requirements (e.g. URLLC). This End-to-End slice is composed of 2 network slices given by Network Service Provider A (NSaaS A) and Network Service Provider B (NSaaS B), enabling the exploration of a multi-domain slicing scenario.

The energy power grid Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) will connect to the RANs provided by the Network Service Providers. The implementation of these network slices will be driven by new network technologies such as NFV and SDN, especially in the Edge PoP DC and Core DC. Thus will SliceNet deploy the Smart Grid Self-Healing Use Case in an End-to-End slice.

SliceNet Mobile/Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)

Figure 1: High-level schematic of LL-MEC platform

SliceNet has recently completed the design and prototyping of a Mobile/Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) system as part of the SliceNet end-to-end slicing-friendly infrastructure. The design and prototyping ensures that the SliceNet MEC system is aligned with the ETSI MEC architecture and offers enablers for network slicing with Quality of Service (QoS) support. SliceNet MEC system comprises a low-latency MEC platform (see Figure below), and multi-tenanted infrastructure with a programmable Data Plane, together with Management Plane functionality support taken into account. Potential MEC applications such as RAN-aware video optimisation, mobile network slicing, IoT etc. have been explored to highlight the potential of practical use cases of the SliceNet MEC system.

3rd Network Management Workshop for 5G Networks

The 5G-PPP Working Group on ‘Network Management and QoS’ hosts its 3rd workshop at EuCNC-2018 on Monday, 18-June.

The workshop will bring together various contributing projects within the 5G-PPP as well as other interested parties (organisations and external projects) who wish to develop and progress topics such as network management, QoS, SDN and NFV, in addition to the integration of network management into vertical sectors such as transport, media, health, and energy.

See full details and call for papers.

5G – The Megatrend at Mobile World Congress 2018

 MWC 2018 saw the 5G Infrastructure Association (5G-IA) and 5G PPP under the spotlight, with important announcements from the telco industry and policy makers.

5G was the headlining topic at the MWC 2018, shining the spotlight on smart cities, IoT, AR, VR, connected cars and more. Operators, vendors, manufacturers and networks from all over the globe showcased and presented field trials, demonstrated technologies and applications, and gave visitors a taste of the future!

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