SliceNet returns to EuCNC for June 2019!

SliceNet are delighted to announce our Exhibition & Demonstration booth at EuCNC2019 which will highlight important aspects of network slicing for Smart Grid, Smart City and Smart eHealth use-cases. SliceNet will demonstrate network slicing across multiple administrative domains, meeting the requirements from the management and control planes. This network slicing facilitates early and smooth adoption of 5G slices for verticals to achieve their demanding use cases and manages the QoE for slice services. The SliceNet demonstrations will showcase the Machine Learning (ML)-enabled cognitive network slicing management capabilities in the following vertical use cases: (more…)

European Annual Journal 2019

The Fourth issue of the EU 5G European Annual released in May 2019 can be downloaded here.

A synopsis of the aims and achievements of the SliceNet project can be viewed on page 70 of the Annual.

The aim of this fourth edition of the European 5G Annual Journal is to present an analysis of the 5G ecosystem evolution over the past year. It presents the achievements of phase 2 5G PPP projects ending in 2019 and August 2020 (of which SliceNet is one such project) and phase 3 5G PPP projects, which started in 2018.

Skydive Noisy Neighbour Detection used in SliceNet eHealth use case

The cloud has multiple tenants, meaning that one architecture hosts multiple customers’ applications and data. The “noisy neighbour” effect occurs when an application or virtual machine overuses the available resources, causing network performance issues for others on the shared infrastructure. When one application or instance uses too much data or bandwidth, other applications suffer from slow speeds or latency. This problem can affect web hosting, databases, networks, storage and servers.

Last semester, the IBM Research Lab in Haifa cooperated with the Technion Israel Institute of Technology to develop a project in which the students investigated the problem of detecting noisy neighbours in a network using Skydive analyzer.  (more…)

5G IA is hosting the 7th Global 5G Event

5G IA is hosting the  7th Global 5G Event – ‘Creating the Smart Digital Future’ on 17-18 June in Valencia, Spain in co-operation with the leading 5G visionary organizations from Brazil, China, Japan, the Americas and the Republic of Korea. Details available online at

For more information and registration click here

You are kindly invited to attend the 7th Global 5G Event (‘early-bird registration’ deadline is on 6th May).