SliceNet workshop at UPC premises in Barcelona

On 23-24 January 2019, an internal SliceNet meeting was held at the UPC premises in Barcelona. The purpose of the meeting was to review the availability and maturity of work packages WP4-WP5-WP6 components towards the integration to be done in the framework of WP8. Moreover, deep discussion on the QoS and QoE monitoring design and prototyping was conducted.

SliceNet Plug and Play control framework used as a SmartGrid slice

The Plug & Play (P&P) control framework implements the principles of SliceNet vertical-in-the-loop. It also exposes to verticals a set of tailored slice control functions, based on their requirements. The framework is accessible through a customized GUI where all of the slice elements are represented as an interactive graph.

The demo video shows the principles that have driven the design of the P&P control framework, its role in the SliceNet architecture and the microservice implementation approach. This approach is largely based on the use of Docker software containers and Kubernetes as container orchestrator, along with P&P control deployment, configuration and use.

In the demo video, the P&P control is used as a SmartGrid slice, with the vertical enabled to retrieve its customized slice topology view and monitoring information, as well as to modify the slice composition (e.g. by including new User Equipment in the slice) and provide QoE feedback towards the SliceNet system, triggering an automated optimization of the slice capacity.

Please find a link to the demo video as shown at ICT2018 here.

Smart Grid use case testbed at Altice Labs

SliceNet Smart Grid
Smart Grid use case infrastructure

The SliceNet Smart Grid use case testbed is currently being deployed in Aveiro. The tesbed is hosted in two different sites:

  • Altice Labs – in Altice Labs we have the 5G network management
  • IT (Instituto de Telecomunicações) – in IT we deploy the 5G network infrastructure and the Vertical devices (IEDs).

There is a phased iterative plan for the use case testbed deployment, vertical integration and validation tests.

  • Phase 1 will start with the 5G service subscription, which should provide the vertical with the necessary resources for remote engineering and monitoring and device-to-device communication.
  • Phase 2 will include a network of Efacec IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) communicating with each other via IEC 61850 R-GOOSE (Routable-Generic Object Oriented Substation Events).
  • Phase 3 will cover the more demanding power grid protection and self-healing algorithm simulations.

SliceNet Industry Panel at Globecom 2018

SliceNet organised an Industry panel session at IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (Globecom 2018), Abu Dhabi, on 5G Network Slice Management, with participation of 5G-Transformer and FUTEBOL. The conference was held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from 9 to 13 December 2018. IEEE GLOBECOM is one of the two flagship conferences of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) and is a premium event that brings together the best researchers and professionals from academic, industry and government to exchange novel ideas that will shape future generations of communication technologies.

A very interesting discussion was moderated by Maria Barros Weiss, H2020 5G PPP SliceNet project Coordinator, Programme Manager at Eurescom, Germany, with panelists:

  • Jose Alcaraz-Calero, H2020 5G PPP SliceNet Technical Project Manager, Professor at University of the West of Scotland, UK
  • Xavier Costa Perez, Head of 5G Networks R&D, NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany
  • James Kimery, Director of Product Marketing, RF Communications and SDR, National Instruments, Austin, Texas, USA
  • Luiz daSilva, Director of CONNECT, Professor at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Network slicing has emerged as a remarkable paradigm shift from 4G to NFV/SDN-enabled 5G and has been identified as a key 5G architectural requirement.

See the Globecom Program for details.

Productive SliceNet session on Artificial Intelligence at ICT 2018

On 5th December 2018, SliceNet organised an interactive networking session at ICT 2018 in Vienna, which was dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI). The session aimed to stimulate an interdisciplinary discussion on innovative solutions using AI for real-time service delivery.

More than 40 participants seated at 6 tables explored answers to this challenge in two innovation café discussion rounds, which were facilitated by 6 SliceNet moderators and session chair Anastasius Gavras from Eurescom. Within 30 minutes, the participants generated a plethora of ideas on personalized services and enhanced user experience, the use of predictive analytics, AI-enhanced robotics, and a number of AI-based real-time service examples.

At the end of the session, the table moderators briefly summarised the main insights from the 6 discussion tables. A written report based on their summaries will soon be published on the SliceNet website.

Further information on the SliceNet networking session is available.

Read the “Summary of results of the SliceNet networking session

5G PPP Technology Board workshop on performance KPIs

SliceNet recently participated in a three day workshop organised by the 5G PPP Technology Board with a focus on 5G performance KPIs. The organisation was supported by project 5GCAR and Ericsson Research, who hosted the workshop at its headquarters in Kista, Sweden on 20 – 22 November 2018. Magnus Frodigh, acting head of Ericsson Research, opened the workshop with an inspiring presentation of Ericsson’s current and future view on 5G. (more…)