SliceNet Newsletter #5                                                  July  2019

Welcome to the fifth edition of the SliceNet newsletter

Here is the latest news on the 5G SliceNet Project activities including the extensive SliceNet participation in EuCNC2019, the Smart Grid use case presentation at CIRED 2019 and the eHealth application workings and its demonstration at EuCNC2019.


SliceNet demonstrations well received at EuCNC 2019 in Valencia

SliceNet team - EuCNC 2019
Part of the SliceNet team at EuCNC 2019
At EuCNC 2019 SliceNet exhibited the capabilities of cognitive network slicing management enabled by machine learning at their booth demonstrations. SliceNet’s innovative network management concept was demonstrated by Orange, DellEMC, and Eurecom in three vertical use cases – Smart Grid, Smart City, and Smart eHealth. Besides attracting numerous visitors, the SliceNet demo also attracted the EuCNC TV team. Read more here

SliceNet workshop on Artificial Intelligence in 5G at EuCNC2019

Project SliceNet, in collaboration with project 5G-MonArch organised a forward-looking workshop on “Artificial Intelligence for 5G Networks” that took place on 20 June 2019 during the EUCNC 2019 conference in Valencia, Spain. The workshop aimed to bridge the gap between research and standards on Artificial Intelligence for network management and orchestration. Read more

SliceNet at CIRED 2019 25th International Conference & Exhibition on Electricity Distribution

Efacec presented SliceNet at the 25th international conference and exhibition on electricity distribution CIRED (Congres International des Réseaux Electriques de Distribution), held in Madrid on 3-6 June 2019. CIRED is a major event on Electricity Distribution that takes place every two years in different venues in Europe with a worldwide perspective and participation. CIRED 2019 had an exhibition of 120 companies and over 1500 conference participants, the highest number registered to date. Read More

SliceNet combines network slicing with advanced technologies

The vision of the SliceNet ‘Connected Ambulance’ eHealth use case combines many advanced technologies that come together to enable the delivery of better life enhancing outcomes for patients. Read more


There are 15 partners in the SliceNet project comprised of industrial partners Eurescom, Germany; Altice Labs, Portugal; Ericsson Telecommunicazioni, Italy; IBM, Israel; OTE, Greece; Orange, Romania; EFACEC Energia, Portugal; and Dell EMC, Ireland; academic partners University of the West of Scotland, UK; Eurecom, France; Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain; and CIT Infinite, Ireland and SMEs Nextworks, Italy; RedZinc, Ireland; and Creative Systems Engineering, Greece.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 761913.


The editor of the SliceNet Newsletter on behalf of the SliceNet Project is: Jeanne Caffrey, RedZinc Services Ltd., GEC, Taylor’s Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland.