On 5th December 2018, SliceNet organised an interactive networking session at ICT 2018 in Vienna, which was dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI). The session aimed to stimulate an interdisciplinary discussion on innovative solutions using AI for real-time service delivery.

More than 40 participants seated at 6 tables explored answers to this challenge in two innovation café discussion rounds, which were facilitated by 6 SliceNet moderators and session chair Anastasius Gavras from Eurescom. Within 30 minutes, the participants generated a plethora of ideas on personalized services and enhanced user experience, the use of predictive analytics, AI-enhanced robotics, and a number of AI-based real-time service examples.

At the end of the session, the table moderators briefly summarised the main insights from the 6 discussion tables. A written report based on their summaries will soon be published on the SliceNet website.

Further information on the SliceNet networking session is available.

Read the “Summary of results of the SliceNet networking session

Productive SliceNet session on Artificial Intelligence at ICT 2018