SliceNet and  MATILDA are collaborating on network slicing and 5G ready applications which will use those network slices. 5G network slicing is a network architecture that enables the multiplexing of virtualized and independent logical networks on the same physical network infrastructure. Each network slice is an isolated end-to-end network tailored to fulfil diverse requirements requested by a particular application.

SliceNet defines an E2E slicing-friendly 5G network architecture, vertical-oriented, with cognitive network management, control and orchestration, with an innovative one-stop-solution to meet the service requirements, enabling the verticals to Plug & Play (P&P) their use cases, as an integrated FCAPS (Fault-management, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) framework, which provides QoS and QoE service assurance, analytics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) and enhanced control. MATILDA defines the 5G marketplace, from where the applications/services are instantiated, together with the application orchestration layer, where the requirements of the application are abstracted towards the 5G network infrastructure as a Slice Intent metamodel.

In both projects Orange Romania is one of the main contributors and the leader for the Smart City Intelligent Lighting use case building both the testbed and the demonstrator as a collaborative work among these two projects.

During November 2019, Orange hosted in Bucharest the MATILDA and SLICENET plenary meetings with one common day among the two consortiums. During the common day, Orange presented a comprehensive demo of the use case in POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest campus where 56 lamps are already deployed using the joint framework. Several concepts were demonstrated: (1) instantiation of the application graph from the Marketplace, (2) creation of the slice intent is created, (3) slice creation in the network, (4) full functionality of the solution for the remote control of the lamps (on/off, dimming, ticketing, etc)

The collaboration between the 2 projects started from the very beginning and will continue during the next months until the projects will close; the two consortiums focusing further on finalizing the end to end automated deploy and in life management of the use case.

The use case demonstration will be available also during MWC 2020.

SliceNet and Matilda collaboration