The SliceNet project foundations are settled in six main pillars, which are Network Slicing concept; Multiple Domain Network Slice provisioning; One Stop API for interacting with verticals; Plug & Play capability for verticals; Cognitive Network Management and Cross-Plane Orchestration.

The SliceNet logical architecture is defined as a Software Based Architecture approach, including several key elements in the 5G ecosystem, with various general functions as those provided by the Management Plane, Control Plane and Data Plane resources. See the image on the SliceNet logical architecture.

SliceNet envisions an intelligent cost-effective network management, control, and orchestrations framework that can cope with the scale and pervasiveness of 5G networks, while minimizing human intervention. Autonomous management and control is evolving from self-healing, self-optimizing and self-configuring automation to artificially intelligent systems that can outlearn their current knowledge and apply newly gained wisdom to achieve network goals through self-decision-making.

SliceNet logical architecture