SliceNet ran a most successful demonstration of “RAN Runtime Slicing System” using a RAN and CN prototype with a novel plug and play network application to show multi-service programmability on a per slice basis.

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We made a show case for telecom vendors including Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, operators including Orange and Telenor, and 5GPPP projects program managers and partners, all of whom came to see the demonstration at the SliceNet booth at EUCNC, including the SliceNet Project Officer in charge of the project.

They were interested in knowing the latest achievement in network slicing applied to the mobile networks.

The SliceNet exhibition booth demonstrated the 5G network slicing considering the e-Health use-case, powered by #Mosaic5G and @osalliance5g platforms, with an emphasis on:

  1. How the RAN slicing runtime system enables the dynamic creation of slices with QoS support, functional and resource isolation among different slices in an end-to-end network network slicing setting
  2. Characterizing the efficiency and flexibility of the proposed RAN runtime to partition and allocate radio resources, based on the service QoS and the corresponding SLAs and
  3. Demonstrating a Plug & Play RAN execution environment provided to chain network control applications, so as to customize and control RAN slices as per service requirements