IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting (TBC) has recently accepted a SliceNet contribution “Enable Advanced QoS-Aware Network Slicing in 5G Networks for Slice-Based Media Use Cases”. TBC is an internationally leading journal on broadcasting, and communications and networking in a wider context. The paper presents some of the latest achievements from SliceNet in the design, prototyping and empirical evaluation of advanced network slicing with controlled Quality of Service (QoS) in 5G networks for media use cases.

In particular, a set of innovative SliceNet enablers are described in details, covering network slicing over radio access network and core network, a low-latency multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform, a hardware-accelerated programmable data plane, plug and play (P&P) control for customised network slicing, and a one-stop interface for vertical businesses. The paper combines all these key enablers in the SliceNet framework to address the mission-critical application requirements in the SliceNet media-rich eHealth use case.

SliceNet contribution accepted by IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting