Smart City is an important initiative both globally and at EU level, the main challenge facing the public sector being to respond to opportunities that a “smart city” brings by quantifying new technologies as support For various services: Smart parking/transport, smart lighting, water measurement, waste management, environmental monitoring.

The Alba Iulia Smart City Solutions, tested by Orange, are explored in Horizon 2020 Phase 2 research and innovation projects, being considered one of the main 5g developments.

Orange România, one of the main suppliers of Smart City solutions to Alba Iulia City Hall, is involved in two European projects H2020 Phase 2-MATILDA & SLICENET, where he works alongside a European consortium of industry partners and academia for defining the new 5g architecture that is based on virtualization and “software” infrastructure. A main benefit is the automation of the implementation and maintenance of Smart City verticals.

Alba Iulia City Hall is part of the Advisory Council within the SLICENET project, where it contributes with feedback/business requirements to be considered when the 5g architecture is defined. The City Hall experts are also involved in validation of the important deliverables of this 5G European research project.

Visit the SliceNet/Matilda collaboration webpage -> here