The SliceNet project was officially launched in a special session at EUCNC 2017 on 15th June in Oulu, Finland, together with the other 22 5G PPP Phase 2 projects. Both the Project Co-Coordinator Anastasius Gavras (Eurescom, Germany) and the Project Technical Co-Manager Qi Wang (University of the West of Scotland, UK) attended this event. See Qi Wang presenting at the event in the photo.

On behalf of the Consortium, Qi Wang delivered a presentation to introduce SliceNet called “5G Slicing Challenges and Opportunities from Verticals” including project overview, main objectives, system architecture, and use cases. In addition, he also indicated the project’s potential contribution to various relevant 5G PPP Working Groups such as Architecture, Software Networks, Network Management & Security etc., and encouraged cross-project collaboration between SliceNet and other Phase 2 projects.

In addition, in the Panel “What is the benefit of Slicing in 5G?”, Cipriano Lomba (Efacec, Portugal) presented his vision on network slicing from a vertical business’s perspective as an expert panellist. In SliceNet, Efacec is the Task Leader of the “Vertical Sector Requirements Analysis and Use Case Definition”, which will drive the design of the SliceNet framework.