EuCNC 2018 

SliceNet participated in EuCNC 2018 held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on June 18-21, 2018.
The event was a success and SliceNet was very active with different activities,  including SliceNet exhibition stand, real time demonstrations, participation in four workshops, a panel discussion and two poster sessions.

Here are some of the photos we took at this lively event:

SliceNet at EuCNC2018
SliceNet team ready at the booth!

SliceNet RAN runtime demonstration at EuCNC 2018

SliceNet booth at EuCNC2018
Getting ready for the panel discussion

Poster session at the booth

Poster session at EuCNC 2018

Lively discussions with Qi Wang, UWS SliceNet technical co-ordinator

See also our link with a summary of the activities as well as our newsfeed and our newsletter!

SliceNet activities and discussions at EuCNC2018 – a synopsis

SliceNet Participation at EuCNC 2018
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