The Plug & Play (P&P) control framework implements the principles of SliceNet vertical-in-the-loop. It also exposes to verticals a set of tailored slice control functions, based on their requirements. The framework is accessible through a customized GUI where all of the slice elements are represented as an interactive graph.

The demo video shows the principles that have driven the design of the P&P control framework, its role in the SliceNet architecture and the microservice implementation approach. This approach is largely based on the use of Docker software containers and Kubernetes as container orchestrator, along with P&P control deployment, configuration and use.

In the demo video, the P&P control is used as a SmartGrid slice, with the vertical enabled to retrieve its customized slice topology view and monitoring information, as well as to modify the slice composition (e.g. by including new User Equipment in the slice) and provide QoE feedback towards the SliceNet system, triggering an automated optimization of the slice capacity.

Please find a link to the demo video as shown at ICT2018 here.

SliceNet Plug and Play control framework used as a SmartGrid slice