Sadly, due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, the April plenary for SliceNet was not a face-to-face event but rather a 3 day online meeting. However, this was not a challenge for such a technically literate group of people! As such, it was very well participated in by all the partners and the team was extremely engaged in the lead up to the final phase of the project.

Each morning of the plenary online meeting, SliceNet participants discussed various topics such as the general assembly, the final actions in the project, the conclusion of the final deliverables and of course, to have the latest information on the final demonstrators of the project.  In the afternoons there were technical workshops, focusing in each of the 3 SliceNet testbeds: e-Health, smart-lighting and smart-grids and the demonstrations that will be part of the successful outcome of this project.

SliceNet team meet the challenge of Covid19 with an online plenary