Project SliceNet, in collaboration with project 5G-MonArch organised a forward-looking workshop on “Artificial Intelligence for 5G Networks” that took place on 20 June 2019 during the EUCNC 2019 conference in Valencia, Spain. The workshop aimed to bridge the gap between research and standards on Artificial Intelligence for network management and orchestration.

This workshop brought together researchers and industry experts and stimulated debate and discussion on identifying the significant problems needing resolution in order to fully explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence in networks. The workshop also looked at how the relevant results provided by 5G PPP projects can be leveraged so as to maximize their impacts on standards.

To achieve its objective the workshop was divided into two sessions. During the first session keynote speaker Prof. Hans Schotten, from the German Centre of Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), presented his view on Artificial Intelligence as an enabler for 5G campus networks. The keynote was followed by presentations of research results from projects SliceNet and 5G-MonArch.

During the second session, representatives of standards groups presented the status in standardisation in this area through a panel discussion where standards bodies ETSI ENI, ETSI ZSM, 3GPP and ITU-T FG-ML5G were represented.

The workshop concluded that the use of Artificial Intelligence for network operation and management has a large potential to enhance the network performance and efficiency and will continue to receive increasing interest in both research and industry standardization groups in the coming years.

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SliceNet workshop on Artificial Intelligence in 5G at EuCNC2019