SliceNet, in collaboration with 5G-VINNI, organised a half day workshop on 11 June 2020, as part of the IEEE International Conference on Communications 2020. Due to the ongoing restrictions around Covid-19, this year’s conference was different, as all activities were conducted virtually, as either pre-recorded paper presentations or as live teleconferences.

The SliceNet workshop was on the subject of Intelligent Network Slicing. Seven papers were accepted from a total of 15 papers submitted at the end of 2019 for selection. There were two keynote addresses, one from Prof. Qi Wang of the University of West Scotland, who presented UWS research into network slicing carried out as part of the SliceNet project, and the second keynote was from Dr. Pål Grønsund of Telenor, who presented an update of the 5G slicing activities from the 5G-VINNI pan European testbeds.

There were over 30 participants attending the workshop, which was recorded and is available to conference attendees to view offline until the end of June 2020. The workshop was a great success.

SliceNet coordinator and workshop Co-chair, Dr Maria Barros from Eurescom in Germany, noted “Covid-19 presented the organisers with significant challenges but in the end we had a very successful workshop, which focused on an important and emerging topic, that of the role of network slicing over public communications infrastructure, to enable guaranteed network service quality for specialised verticals, such as the health and military sectors”.

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SliceNet Workshop on Intelligent Network Slicing as part of ICC2020