Find out more about the SliceNet Use Cases on eHealth, Smart Grid and Smart City in these three videos! SliceNet have combined a new slicing framework for vertical applications in sectors such as healthcare, energy and smart cities.

For instance, in the eHealth use case, slicing is used to prioritise emergency video calls. Ambulance services around the world are facing ever increasing demands on their services. Many are choosing to respond to this by developing a stronger clinical presence in their control rooms so that, where appropriate, they can offer clinical advice over the phone to patients rather than send an ambulance. See how the SliceNet project can use network slicing to help in emergency scenarios.

As part of the SliceNet project, Efacec have devised a SmartGrid Self-Healing solution. During an outage where part of the grid goes down, this part can be automatically and rapidly isolated allowing the rest of the grid to remain on. Access to a modern 5G network means communications are faster and more reliable and the automatic grid healing is also faster and more reliable. See the video here

The Smart City Intelligent Lighting use case shows how street lighting can be monitored and controlled by a central point, helping with lighting issues, saving costs and providing feedback on the system. The smart city lighting 5G cloud native application was implemented and demonstrated in Romania as part of the SliceNet project.


Videos of the SliceNet Project Use Cases now available!